Higher Praise Quartet (HPQ) is a traditional male quartet influenced by groups like Gold City, Signature Sound and the Kingsmen. The group was formed in April of 2008 by tenor Todd Franklin, lead singer Paul Barrett and baritone Matt Adams. HPQ’s musical outreach from Mercer Missionary Baptist and New Testament Christian churches strives to see souls saved and hearts encouraged. Higher Praise is excited about what lies ahead in the coming months. While we look ahead to future opportunities to serve the Lord, we pray for God to place on our hearts the songs and words that he would have us to use.

Matt, Todd and Paul would like to make the formal announcement that Mike Burden will be joining us. We have faith and expect God to
strengthen us. We will continue to work on pre-recorded songs, more accapela, plus we will also be writing our own music. We appreciate your
thoughts and prayers and we look forward to visiting with you as we begin 2010. We anticipate great things this year and look forward to what God has in store for us.

For more information or scheduling, please visit http://www.higherpraisemusic.com or call Matt Adams at 270-757-0123.

Church Connections:

Mercer Missionary Baptist
New Testament Christian Church

E-mail: matt@higherpraisemusic.com

Phone Number: 270-543-1243

City: Central City

State: Kentucky

Country: United States

Association: Various

Website: http://higherpraisemusic.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/higherpraise

Group Members:

  • Matt Adams – matt@higherpraisemusic.com – 270-543-1243
  • Paul Barrett – paul@higherpraisemusic.com – 270-316-5470
  • Todd Franklin – tcppf@bellsouth.net – 270-931-0865
  • Mike Burden – mike@higherpraisemusic.com – 270-499-0999
  • Joshua Fleming –