Baptist churches Historically and Generally believe in the following:

  • The Holy Bible of the Old and New Testaments are the words of Creator God.
  • Jesus is the Human embodiment of God, Sinless!
  • His life was the perfect behaviour and teachings of God the Father.
  • His purpose was to be sacrificed on the Cross as the Sin Bearer and Substitute for every Human that have ever existed and now exists on Earth.
  • Jesus Christ Died for us, was buried and risen for us. This is the Gospel, the Good News!
  • The Holy Spirit is the invisible presence of the Father and the Son that confronts each Human as to each one’s failure to be perfect as was Christ. The H.S. teaches the Gospel and responds to one’s repentance and belief by entering into the Believer regenerating his dead spirit into a new Creation. Jesus Calls this the New Birth into the Kingdom of God. John 3:1-21
  • Only Believers are to be Water Baptized as a ceremonial act of obedience commanded by Christ.
  • Churches are a committed group of Christians who are bonded together to Worship God, Share the Gospel with everyone, and minister to each others need
  • Each congregation is under the Priesthood of Christ alone.
  • Baptist churches may Associate with other churches but are not apart of a Denominational Structure controlling congregations. These associations have have identities but each church is Independent.

This is an introductory similitude of all Baptist churches. Each congregation is answerable to the Lord Jesus Christ as to faithfulness to God’s Word and are subject to the laws of man in civil matters.