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There are some things worth remembering and then thereare some things we hope we never remember. I have noticed the older I get theless likely I am to remember some things. My wife will ask me to do something and I will have all...

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I know you have heard or may have even used this expression “give the shirt off your back.” I have heard it said many times but I had never known anyone to take off their shirt and give their shirt to anyone else. Recently I was...

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Have you ever asked yourself the question should I forgivethis person again? I mean how many times should I forgive them anyway? Well,Jesus was asked that same question and the answer He gave was astounding. ThenHe gives an...

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Faith is wonderful; we use faith everyday of our lives. We have faith in our postal service. We write a letter, sign it, seal it and drop it in the box. We have faith that the letter will be delivered. We have faith in our bank....

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