Welcome to Baptist.org, one of the first sites to appear on the World Wide Web. As the owner and as an Administrator not connected to any Baptist organization, God has enabled me to offer a platform for all who hold to Bible standards. Since May of 1995 Baptist.org has had a presence online for the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Consequently, a long list of challenges that served as stumbling blocks and victory flags, all along the way, to serve as a testimony of God’s grace upon us who have worked with Baptist.org, all of these years.

Those who have worked honestly with me through the years will receive great rewards for the thousands who have come to know Christ and who have come to know Him better. Of course, there were those who sought to thwart this ministry. The stories are enlightening as to the profiles of men, Christian or no!

I will, on occasion, review these events as a record to how God worked with this technologically challenged preacher with a gift that is a witness and shall be a predominant witness on the planet for the Saving Grace of the Only God and Saviour, Jesus Christ! John 1:1-18

The faithful team that God has gathered to redesign and re-launch this site stand ready to assist you and your calling to “preach, teach, and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ”. Now, you may have your own presence on a major Christian web site. Or, you may enlarge your current online ministry in the following ways:

  • Editor of a Ministry Group
  • Contributor on the Forum
  • Writer
  • Listing your Testimony
  • Listing your Pastor, Church, Mission Board, and other ministries.

Thank you for part!

In Christ Forever,
Dr. H. L. Champion – hlc@baptist.org