August Rosado was saved April 22 1988 and developed a love for Bible prophecy and Jewish history. He attended the Institute of Biblical Studies, (today the Institute of Jewish Studies) of the Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry. His studies included two study tours to Israel. He also enrolled in the Institute of Jewish Christian Studies where he graduated in May of 1996. He Pastored Blessed Hope Baptist Fellowship from 1999 to 2003. He felt the need to evangelize Churches on Israel, Bible prophecy and current events and founded “Keep Looking Up Ministries” and later changed the name to “Today In Bible Prophecy Ministries”. He left Pastoring to travel the country to inform the Church about current events and how they play a role in Bible prophecy. In June of 2008 they were offered a full time position with People’s Baptist Church of Corpus Christi Texas to represent the Roloff Homes. Evangelist Rosado shows the video presentation of the Roloff Homes to Churches and preaches prophecy.

Sponsoring Church: People’s Baptist Church – Corpus Christi, Texas


Phone Number: 774-888-8025

City: Corpus Christi

State: Texas

Country: United States

Association: Independent Baptist