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  • I am just wondering what is your mission statement and what are your doctrines. seeks to be a platform for the various Baptist groups to be presented. Baptists have common points of doctrines and practice.
    1. God is a Trinity; The Father, The Word, The Holy Spirit are all One. All are involved in Creation and Salvation of Mankind.
    2. The Bible is the Holy Word of God. From it’s pages one hears the Gospel and can be rightly related to the Creator. It is perfect without error.
    3. Jesus Christ is The only visible manifestation of God. He was born of a virgin and lived sinless until he bore all the sins of the World for our Salvation. He rose from Death, Hell, and the Grave and is seated as High Priest for all who believe in him as Saviour and Lord.

    4. Man is born with a Sin Nature that is covered by the Blood of Jesus Christ at birth. This is not in salvation, for each child is created by God in his image.One by one each man personally sins against God and becomes a lost lamb in need of salvation. This has been called the ‘age of accountability’. At that time the depravity of Adam is apparent in the transgressor  who now is in need of Redemption and Salvation from his eternal condemnation.
    5. Heaven and Hell are literal locations in Eternity. The just will be resurrected into Heaven, while the unjust will be cast into the Lake of  Fire.
    6. Salvation is offered to those who believe the Good News of Christ. This experience is called the New Birth in which the Holy Spirit of   Christ convicts the sinner and leads him to Repentance and Faith. This Salvation is by God’s Grace and is irrevocable, with evidences of Christian works .
    6. Baptism and the Lord’s Supper are the two ordinances of the Church. They are for Born Again Christians only.
    7. The local church is Christ’s primary agency of substance and mission. It is made up of regenerated and baptized members. The pastor/elder, deacons are its ordained leaders. All believers are to be members and active in their God called congregation.
    . Jesus Christ will return to earth in the last day, as he has said.

    . We seek to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost world according to his command to preach the Gospel to every person.
  • I’ve been a baptist all my life since the age of nine baptized when I was 13.  Just last week someone ask me what is baptist? Where does the name come from? Who established it? How long has it been in the world? I didn’t have the answer for him.   All I had to say was Baptist preach the real gospel according to bible. I was not satisfied because I could not be more specific so did the person. Can you provide me with a more accurate answer? Being a Baptist is actually identifying with Christians who practice Bible principles and commands more closely to the scriptures than most other Christian groups. Being a Baptist does not make one a Christian. There is no command in the Bible to use the term ‘Baptist’. It has however been used to show that only Saved people should be baptized. Churches who use the term have been very Evangelistic and Missionary.

    This term emerged 600 years ago due to Catholicism killing Christians who refused to bow to the Pope, Priests and the Seven Sacraments. When underground Christians were free to preach openly and baptize without persecution from Catholicism, others who left Catholicism such as the Lutherans criticized the act of totally submerging “converts” who had already been sprinkled as babies into the Catholic church. They were first called “Re-Baptizers”, then they were called Anabaptists. Many of these dropped the phrase ‘Ana’ and just used Baptists, especially in the early days of America.
  • What are the standards for Deacon? Deacon qualification is found in 1 Timothy 3. The qualifications of pastors are given first then that of deacons are given.
  • I have recently picked up a copy of the NKJV (simply because the bookstore I was in did not carry KJV).  I was perusing the back pages of words used in the bible and their meanings and I did not come across 1 single reference to the words “hell, hades” although hell is a word used in a gospel scripture (at least) referring to Lazurus and the rich man (parable by Jesus is understood).  Can you please explain just what happens after we die?  Keeping in mind that I have recently stopped studying with J.W. after 4 years (never baptised).
    2 Corinthians 5:1-8 wraps it up for this discussion, with verse 8 saying, “We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord”. Jesus described in Luke 16:22-31 the reality of existence of the just and the unjust. This discription was before the Cross and His Resurrection. Paul describes where Christians on this side of the Cross. No one is in the Lake of Fire now. All the unsaved who die are in Hell /Hades in the center of this earth waiting for the Great white throne judgement when Hell and death will be cast into the lake of fire. Rev 20:11-15. Bible publishers omit key words in the concordances often for econonmic reasons. This was a mistake by that publisher.
  • What does the bible teach us about what happens to our families (i.e. children) o­nce we have been saved?  Will we still know who our children are? If you mean, “Will we know each other in Heaven?” Yes! Logic tells us that! More importantly, scriptures gives us that comfort. In Mark 12:25 Jesus answers a question about marriage and says, ” for when they shall rise from the dead, they shall neither marry, nor are given in marriage; but are as the angels which are in heaven.”
  • What are the specific beliefs of baptism? Do you have to be immersed in water? Do you have to be baptized right after you have become a believer? Water baptism is for those who are saved. Jesus says so in Mark 16:16. One should be baptised immediately after salvation.
  • Good day. Please, please, HELP!!  I have recently been a born-again Christian, but there is something that has been worrying me. A friend of mine is SeventhDay Adventist, and she claims that worshipping o­n a Sunday is breaking the Sabbath. She could not give evidence to support her claim, however, it’s caused me to wonder about the ‘real’ day of the Sabbath. Where can I find evidence in the Holy Bible? I would be very greatful for your help, thank you. The Old Testament is full of warnings of breaking the Sabbath Day as was commanded by Moses. The New Testament does not emphasize the 7th day as it does the 1st day! There are no warnings to either jew or gentile as to Sabbath breaking!  There is not even an example of Christians meeting on the 7th day in the book of Acts. Sunday is the Lord’s Day of Resurrection. This is what we commemorate. Colossians 2:16 is your answer about your specific question.
  • What type of preparation do you have for couples who are getting married? For instance,  in catholic churches couples have to attend a o­ne week seminar before getting married. Thank you.
  • what does it take to be saved? saved from what??
  • Where could I find some scripture that supports the Baptist believe of “Once Saved Always Saved”?
  • i am going to be a newly born baptist soon.what is the proper procedure for baptism in the baptist church?do i have to hold my nose while being baptized?do i have to bend all the way back while being baptized?
  • Is there somewhere in the Bible that says a person can not be an Elder of a church if the person is divorced and remarried.  Even if the person was divorced before he was saved.
  • how does the baptist church differ from the catholic church?
  • Divorce::If spouse is being abused by being beat. How does the Bible address this in the Adultery area.. If the wronged spouse would remarry…Thanks
  • Hello Well I am getting married November 5th 20044 at 3:00 pm and still have yet to find a place to be married at. I just moved to Hampton Virginia back in September and been running around making arrangments. Is there any church that will allow us to use there hall for that Friday evening. It will be less then 20 people there. Please help me!
  • Can I gain absolution for my sins through prayer?
  • how do baptist churches fufill the great comission?
  • what is the baptist statement of faith?, and how do we fufill the great comission?
  • 1. Can anyoneexplain to me what is the “Baptist Bride” doctrine?
    2. What is Landmarkism?
    3. How true is the Trail of Blood written by JM Carrol?
  • What is the difference between, say, a baptist and a presbyterian?
  • Were Baptist apart of the protestant movement?
  • In Genesis if God didn’t want adam and eve to eat from the tree of knowledge Why did it put in there?
  • what is by the veiling of the clergy chair when the church has no pastor?
  • Can you give me verses discribing pre-tribulation rapture?
  • Need verses showing difference between “the dead in Christ sleeping”, and Christians dieing and being with Jesus.
  • do all baptist churches share communion o­n the first Sunday of the month and why?
  • I heard someone say that the Baptist have something called catechism.  I never heard of that for Baptist, o­nly for Catholics.
  • Do you believe a person can be truly saved and baptized and later turn his back o­n God and be lost ?
  • What steps does the Pulpit Committee take towards getting a new pastor?
  • I was wondering what the baptist church’s stand point o­n why God allows natural disasters, in particular Hurricane Katrina, to occur is?
    Is it his way of punishing an immoral city?  if so did he not care about the good people that died?  Did he do it o­n a whim?  Didhe have no control of it?  Was he trying to stop the gay and lesbian festival?
    These are just a few “Christian” answers I’ve heard so far.  All of them trouble me somewhat.  Please inform as to why this happened.
  • How can I be a successful Christian? Can you show me how? And how can I enjoy my membership on this organization? How can I gain friends? Thanks for your time and God bless you.
  • What is the Baptist position o­n the consumption of alcohol? Paul told Timothy drink a little wine for his stomach
  • Do Baptists believe in mass prayer during church services? Lawrence Mlambo Mutare Zimbabwe
  • I am trying to research the importance of the color “white” and the headdress worn o­n the 1st Sunday of each month(Communion).  Please if you are able to direct me to where I may find some answers please email me I appreciate it very much.  Thank you
  • What religious group has the original bible texts? What religious group prints the bibles that are read daily? Is anyone aware that in Genesis, when it says that God created man it specifically says in our image?
  • what is the belief differences between southern baptist and missionary baptist?