Founder and Senior Pastor of Antioch Bible Church, Kirkland, WA

Here Comes the Bride , Formerly “The Church”, Multnomah Publishers (2000) 15,580 in print.
Before All Hell Breaks Loose , Multnomah Publishers (2001) 13,005 in print.
Enough Faith , Multnomah Publishers (released in 2006)
Hope is Contagious , Multnomah Publishers (released in 2010)

1984 – Present
Senior Pastor – Antioch Bible Church, Kirkland, Washington
Director of High School Ministries – Westminster Chapel, Bellevue, Washington.
Responsible for adult leadership involving 32 adults and students, Sunday School and Wednesday evening programs both attended by 200 students. Developed Sunday School Curriculum (32 week program of the book of Romans, the gospel of John and Old Testament Survey), discipleship curriculum.
Seattle Seahawks – American Football League, Kirkland, Washington.
San Diego Chargers – National Football League, San Diego, California.
1974 – Drafted in the 4th round by the Dallas Cowboys
1973 – National Football League, Dallas, Texas.
Played the 1974 season.


Ordained: 1986 – Bellevue, Washington
Intensive Bible Study under Howard Hendricks, Pro Athletes Outreach 1974-1978
Tim LaHaye,San Diego, California 1975
Wilbur J. Antisdale, Westminster Chapel, Bellevue, Washington 1977-1983.
Cascade Bible College, Bellevue, Washington: 1977-1979.
Courses studied; Soteriology, Doctrine of the Bible, Doctrine of God, Angelology, Acts, Gospel of John, I Corinthians, Christology, Old and new Testament Survey, Personal Theology, Romans.
Livingston University, Livingston, Alabama: graduated in 1974 with Academic and Athletic honors. B.A. in Education, minor in Sociology. Received athletic and academic scholarships.

Community Activities:

For the past 6 years, Dr. Hutcherson hasbeen a national leader of Adoption Reform. He is Founder of the first “free” Adoption Ministry which has been in operation for 5 years, and is leading the fight to pass a bill in the State of Washington’s Legislature on Adoption Reform as well as reform to the Foster Care System.

Pastor Hutcherson gave testimony at the State Capitol, in Olympia, Washington against House Bill 1515, which was wanting to give people of differing sexual orientation special rights under the law. The bill was defeated by one vote.

Founder of Mayday for Marriage:
Seattle Rally was May 1, 2004 with 20,000 people.
National Rally was October 15, 2005 in Washington DC – on National Mall with 179,000 + people in attendance.
State Rally was March 8, 2005 with 10,000 people at the Washington State Capitol.
National MayDay for Marriage Rally, Dr. Hutcherson featured the following speakers and singers:
Dr. James Dobson – Focus on the Family
Tony Perkins – Family Research Council
Chuck Colson – Prison Fellowship Ministries
Ambassador Alan Keyes
Anne Graham Lotz – Angel Ministries Dr. Thomas Wang
Rabbi Daniel Lapin
Dennis Rainey – Family Life Ministries
Dr. Richard Land – Southern Baptist Convention
Bishop Harry Jackson –Chairman of the High Impact Leadership Coalition
Alan Chambers – Exodus International
Phil Driscoll – Singer/Trumpeter
Dr. Samuel Rodriguez – National Hispanic Leadership Conference
Stephen Curtis Chapman – Contemporary Christian Artist
Dennis Jernigan – recording artist

Local TV Appearances (2003,2004,2005):
KOMO – Seattle
KIRO – Seattle
Q-13 – Seattle
National Radio:
Rush Limbaugh – yearly visits on radio with his close friend
Don Krough WAVA
Don McMullin – satellite radio – gay talk show
CDR – Cedarville Radio – Opposing Same Sex Marriage
Dr. James Dobson – Focus on the Family – Adoption Reform and Opposing Same Sex Marriage
Michael Medved – KTTH – National

Ministries in Africa:
Church plant in Tema, Ghana 50% deaf reaching out to disabled community and abled development micro enterprises to support the marginalized.
Partner w/ Judy Valor in reaching 12 rural tribes in need of medical assistance and hygiene education.
Vocational placement of deaf community in the hearing community
Partnering with Grace Ministries church development in Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Malawi.
Assistance in construction of schools and micro enterprises, evangelism and CLD of local churches
Sending congregational members to work at an orphanage and caring for AIDS orphans in S. Africa partnering w/ Agathos Ministries.
Supported evangelist Muhammad Mussa reaching into Ethiopia and Yemen through large organized outreaches and street witnessing.
Teaching a post abortive message of hope and healing in Uganda.
Educating the youth on the reward of abstinence
International Medical Relief

Dr. Hutcherson has encouraged third world medical relief from his congregation for 15 plus years. This last year a new 501c3 organization, Medical Relief International was formed to give greater structure to this ongoing and expanding work. Medical Relief International has a presence in the Philippines, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Africa. MRI is set up to take medical and dental care anywhere in the world where there is a need


Phone Number: 425-556-5905

City: Redmond

State: Washington

Country: United States

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