When we were children we more than likely memorized the prayer in Matthew 9:9-13; many call it the Lord’s Prayer. As Church members we recited it. As students we may have even studied it. In these verses we have been provided more than a model for prayer. These words do more than tell us what to say to God; they tell us how to exist with God. Psalms 90:1 We see a prayer of Moses the man of God and this is what he had to say: Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations.  Moses didn’t say in his generation but in all “generations;” and that my friend includes the generation that you and I are living in. In other words “Our Home!” There are three things about our home that’s like no other place.
1-     It’s a Private Place– Where we can relax and be comfortable and not worry what others might think. It’s a place where we can talk Freely, a place where we can tell how we Feel, and place where we can talk about our Failures and not be judged.
2-     It’s a Familiar Place– It’s a place where no one has to tell you where things are for it is a place you know very well. The same should be true about God for with time we can learn where to go for nourishment, where to hide for protection and where to turn for guidance
3-     It’s a Place of Refuge– Just as our home is a place of peace so is our God for He told us this Himself.
It is God’s desire to be our Dwelling place. God is not interested in being a weekend getaway or a Sunday cabin or a summer cottage. He wants to be our point of reference. I’m afraid that too many times we think of God as a deity to discuss, but not a place to dwell. We think of God as a mysterious miracle worker, and not a house to live in. We think of God as a creator to call on, not a home to reside in. You may ask, where did I get that crazy idea? In our Bible here let me let you read and you decide for yourself.
Acts 17:28For in him we live, and move, and have our being;
When God led the children of Israel through the wilderness, He didn’t just appear once a day and then abandon them. No! He was seen in the presence of the cloud by day and in the night in the fire; God never left His children. He never leaves us now.
 Matthew 28:20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.
There may be days we go without thinking of Him, but there is never a moment when He is not thinking of you and I. I can’t understand with my little tin cup mind how that God knows me and what’s going on in my life; He never leaves me or you for that matter. If you and I could understand God then He would be just like you and I and who wants that. This weekend be thankful and praise the Lord for His goodness and mercy for He doesn’t just love you and I He likes you and I.