Born to my Mother and Earthly Dad in Jan. 1967, as a 17yr. old boy I was Born again to my Heavenly Father Dec. 1984 at First Baptist Church of Mineral Springs NC Pastor Terry Preslar preaching! I pulled up into the Church yard listening to Ozzy O. singing his trash, I didn’t go there that morning to get saved, but God had other plans. Pastor Preslar preached Hell Hot, the sinner dead in his sins, and the Blood of Jesus the way out. My heart was pricked and conviction hit hard, the preacher asked and the Holy Spirit drew me, after I stepped out into the center aisle my body went into autopilot until I hit the alter. I remember the Preacher sharing scripture and praying with me but I don’t remember anything else after I knelt at the altar. When I left that night Ozzy was still in my Cassette player, I removed it and tossed it and my 20 or so other Cassettes out the window of my Truck as I drove home. I love Jesus with all my heart, and all my soul, and all my Strength. Thank you King Jesus for saving my soul! Been saved now for 26 joy filled years!!

Name: Mike Pate aka MichaeltheBaptist

Association: Independent Baptist

City: Mount Croghan

State: South Carolina

Country: United States