God has never ceased to amaze me. Even as a child I was fascinated by Him. At six years old I was bright but just as impatient as any other six year old. I had to go to church everyday after school because my mom worked there. It was long and boring and I had to be there all day everyday. So I grew to hate church. But one thing I did like about going to church was Sunday school. The lesson were always interesting and understandable. It was amazing to here about this God who loved me and could do all these wonderful things. But was really great to me was when I would hear stories about Jesus. I just wanted to know more and more about this man that could do all these miracles and special things that nobody else could do, and still be nice to people that said he was a liar and a fake. But what shocked me the most was when the people he loved and walked with were the some of the same people that wanted him to die. Finding out they killed him even though he did nothing wrong disturbed me. Knowing that he gave up his life for them and me was unfathomable, but that wasn’t even the most amazing thing. When I found out he rose from the dead, I was sold. I knew that was impossible, but this man named Jesus had did it. Even though I was so young I understood I had done wrong before, and knowing he did that for me, I had to find out what I could do for him. That was when I had given my life to Christ.

Name: Andre’ McHenry

Association: American Baptist

City: Carrolton

State: Georgia

Country: United States