Proverbs 22:1A [good] name [is] rather to be chosen than great riches, [and] loving favour rather than silver and gold.
Chosen- select; Here we have, it’s your choice; what would you rather have if you could have just one; good name or great riches. Did you notice what was said? Good- a favorable character Or Great- notable large in size; Loving favor- a friendly regard shown toward another especially by a superior; Rather than silver and gold. Would you choose a favorable character and a friendly regard shown toward you by your superiors over GREAT riches of silver and gold? What a choice. At first glance, and with little though one might say great riches and silver and gold. But if we were to give it some real though, we might not make that choice. We could all use some cash but what are we willing to give in exchange for that cash?
Mar 8:37  Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? You say “I’m not wanting to sell my soul; I just would like to have enough cash to be comfortable.” How much do you think you would have to be to be comfortable? For some, they can never get or have enough. Why are they trying to accumulate so much? They can’t take it with them. The best they could do is leave it behind for their family members to fight over. Money will consume our minds to the point of that’s all we are thinking about. If I move this stock will it make me more, who is trying to get my money and if you get to comfortable you might have to just leave and go find another place to live. Will people be your friends because of you or because of what you have? That’s not the case with a good name and loving favor. It’s not, here comes that rich tight wad; he more than likely robbed the poor and the old to have what he has; you don’t just get that kind of money being honest. It could be, look there’s your name here you’ll not find a better, more honest person than them. Why your name here has your sacrifice here  and on and on I could go but I think you should get to know them it’s just good being in their presents. We can have a good name or we can have great riches; the question is what do we have our sight set on? What’s more important to us at this time? How do others view us?