Can you imagine not being able to go to the store and buy ???, Resurrection Day, decorations?  How about not being able to tune into messages on the death, burial and resurrection of Christ during Passion Week on your radio?  How about not being able to go to the local Christian book store and buying a gift for your kids or wife for ???, Resurrection Day?  For the people of a city we will call D.D.  ???, Resurrection Day, is not even a thought in their heads during this season of rememberance of Christ’s Resurrection.  83% of the popualtion of D.D. has never heard the name Jesus.  An overwhelming percentage of the population is unaware of the hope, grace, mery and love that Jesus freely gives to all who beleive on Him.    The population of this city is over a million people and only 1.1% of the population are Believers.  This weekend we will celebrate the Risen Christ, yet, I am haunted by the tens of thousands of empty eyes that I have gazed into on the streets of China.  The Bible is clear about our responsibilities when it comes to the Great Commission.  You either GO and if you don’t GO you should SEND and if you are not doing either your are in direct disobedience to God and His word.  To go is the act of proceeding forward.  The opposite of go (proceed) is stop or retreat.  To send some one means that you enbale them to do so, a synonym to send is commission!  What is the meaning of disobedience?  It means refusal to comply, disregard.  This past week and coming weekend we ponder on, talk about and reflect of the sacrifice Jesus made in our behalf.  What sacrifice are you making in behalf of the lost?

In the past hour 30,000 people starved to death.

1,625 children were forced to live on the street

1,667 children died from disease or malnutrition

“So, count the cost, brothers and sisters this is not an invitation to an easy life, for 2,000 years, thousands and thousands of missionaries, the un-named, no biographies written about them, just un-named people of whom the world is not worthy have counted this cost and put their lives at risk and reached the lost with the only message of salvation…” John Piper

Knowing the Word of God and His Great Commission to the Church you must respond!  I end with a quote that is shown at the end of the video “Tears of the Saints?

“having seen all this you can choose to look the other way, but you cna never say again ‘I didn’t know'”

William Wilberforce