As I was reading my Bible I noticed something; I had read it many times but this time I thought of it in another light. John 3:16 tells us about God’s love for us as well as His gift of His son that our Salvation could be complete. In verse 19 of that same chapter we read these words.
John 3:19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.
Those words “men loved darkness” jumped out at me and here is why. I have noticed that I notice more darkness; let me explain. I have slowed down to see wrecks on the highways, everything get’s delayed in my life. Just a few days ago I was disappointed at a company because they didn’t deliver my product by the time they had promised, I wanted to write them and tell them how awful I had been treated. Then I got to thinking what if that company had gotten the products to me ahead of schedule, would I have written them a letter telling them what a 5 star company they were? No! I just finished reading a book “The Noticer” and in that book I realized something that had been written in the book. It was a memory of a meal with the main character that was called “Jones.” On one afternoon Jones invited a young man he was building character in to have a feast on a sand dune near the ocean. The feast turned out to be Vienna sausages and sardines. They began eating and Jones asked the young man what he was eating. The young man annoyed said I’m eating sardines and Vienna sausages. Then Jones asked him where? Still annoyed he answered in the sand. The way Jones answered the young man caused me to think. Here is the way Jones answered; Young man you see only the sand at your feet and what you are eating. You wish it was something else. Most people are just like you, disgusted with themselves for what they are and what they eat and what they drive. “Most of us never stop to think that there are quite literally millions in this world who lack our blessings and opportunities, have not food to eat at all, and no hope of ever owning a car.” Then Jones said, “You ate sardines and Vienna sausages in the sand. I dined on surf and turf with an ocean view with a friend.” We call it the nursing home why not the retirement home. When we hear the word hospital we may think the worst, but what if we called it a place of healing with kind and loving people who want to take care of us. You say it is just a play on words and words that don’t change the facts. Really! What would you rather a person say to you “you are beautiful or handsome, or would you rather someone say you are just dog ugly? It’s just a play on words. It’s how we see things; when you got up this morning were you glad, happy and excited or were you dreading the day that was head of you. Complaining about your aches and pains? Are you having a sardines and Vienna sausage day or are you seeing the surf and turf with an ocean view. It’s all about perspective. We can look at the dark or we can change our view and see the smiles on the faces around us instead of pointing out all the mistakes. I noticed a plaque in a home not long ago which simply read “Never go to bed without kissing me.” Did you kiss your children last night or were you too busy? Did you kiss your wife or husband last night or were you too busy arguing? Look for opportunities, be grateful for the life you have; don’t be so busy wishing for the golden pond that you miss the happy life that’s been given to you.