Thepower within each of us; we have you know, but do we use it?
Proverbs15:4  A wholesome tongue is a tree of life: but perversenesstherein is a breach in the spirit.
 The word “wholesome” means- Tending to promote health; favoring health, soothing.Our tongue which forms the words that roll off our lips has the power topromote, favor and even soothe. We are also told in the same verse that we havethe power to  “perverse” which means to turn aside, distorted from the right, be contrary andstubborn.  We can distortand be stubborn; in other words we can destroy with our words. Now the wordencouragement means The act of giving courage, or confidence ofsuccess. Just reverse the word encourage and we have theopportunity to put  courage in. That iswhat  Moses did for the people of Israel?
Deuteronomy31:1  And Moses went and spake these words unto all Israel.
Deuteronomy31:2  And he said unto them, I am an hundred and twentyyears old this day; I can no more go out and come in: also the LORD hath saidunto me, Thou shalt not go over this Jordan.
Deuteronomy31:6  Be strong and of a goodcourage, fear not, nor be afraid of them:for the LORD thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not failthee, nor forsake thee.
ThenMoses put courage in Joshua.
Deuteronomy31:7  And Moses called unto Joshua, and said unto him in the sightof all Israel, Be strong and of a good courage:for thou must go with this people unto the land which the LORD hath sworn untotheir fathers to give them; and thou shalt cause them to inherit it.
Deuteronomy31:8  And the LORD, he it isthat doth go before thee; he will be withthee, he will not fail thee, neither forsake thee: fear not, neither be dismayed.
 You and I have the power today to put couragein the people we come in contact with. We can give them courage to take a risk,we can give them courage to trust God and we can put courage in a person tomake it through a tough day. We can do that by prayingwith them. We can put courage in a person when we give them specific praise forsomething they did or more importantly for who they are. Think about it and goput courage in someone today.