We live in a day that is fascinating; we can talk to someone on the other side of the world like never before. I remember when I was in the military I would call home and I can remember what my Dad would say, I can still hear him as he said “you have 3 minutes so talk.” As I would talk he would remind me of how much time I had left then he would finally say time up good-bye. But now 3 minutes means nothing. As I was sitting at red light I noticed something very interesting as I looked beside me I saw husband and his wife his wife busy texting someone else. Then I saw a car with four people and all four had their phones texting other people somewhere else. All these people were busy communicating but not with anyone that was with them. A husband and wife the wife busy talking but not with the one she was with. As I was thinking on that as I asked myself have we become so involved with others who are, who knows where that we miss the opportunity that is in our presences? Would this in reverse be what happening in many a Christian’s life? We’re busy talking to those around us and not talking to the Lord whom is not visible. Are we to busy with the things going on around us that we don’t spend time with our Lord? Kind of like the wife with her husband, he was there but not being talked to.