Thereare times when others hurt our feelings and we decide to quit the things we hadplanned and hoped for. I have seen it happen more times than I’d like tomention. A young man on his way to France to be a missionary decides one day toquit his pursuit to win those in France. A young boy decides to go to a thirdworld country and allows a woman to side track him and never goes. A man feelsGod calling into the ministry and never goes and the last time I talked withhim all he has his memories of what it could have been. A man gets his feelingshurt at a local Church and decides to not return there or anywhere for fear ofit happening again and leads his family away in the same direction. Whathappens when a person decides to quit? Well, their goals change from spiritualto natural. As in the case of the young man on his way to the third worldcountry; his goals changed from seeing people come to know Jesus Christ astheir personal savior to selfish desires of sexual pleasure. Not only do goalschange but insights change as well. When ones insight changes they lose theirability to see God in the midst of their adversity. The word Adversity means An event, orseries of events, which oppose success or desire; misfortune; calamity;affliction; distress; state of unhappiness. If you and I focus onthe storms that go on in our life we don’t have our eyes on Jesus; in otherwords we aren’t looking unto Jesus. We loseour Discernment regarding what is happening to us.
Hebrews12:15 Looking diligently(Looking carefully) lest any man fail of (Falls short of) the grace of God; lestany root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many bedefiled;
Thegrace of God never fails, so what is he talking about? Insights change when onequits running the race and quits appropriating God’s grace for their lives. That’snot all; when one decides to quit the values of purity are polluted in theirpersonal life. They have changed from wanting to be pure and holy and having aheart of integrity, now the values have become only to gratify their selfishdesires.  When we drop out, our valueschange and the things that once mattered, no longer matter anymore. When ourvalues change our future is changed but also the future of many others arechanged also. In the four cases I have already mention what was the results ofquitting? How many would have been impacted as well as influenced in France orin the third world country? Who would have been influenced by the ministry or inthe family of this individual? It is so easy to get discouraged and my friendanyone can quit.  Yes, you my friend canquit. What would you think if the runner in front of everyone else would justquit 10 feet before crossing the finish line and not receiving the gold medal?You might have thoughts of what were they thinking for they were a winner. Isay the same to you today if you are one of those who are thinking aboutquitting; what are you thinking you’re a winner. If you do decide to quit whatyou’re doing just remember your goals are going to change, your insights willchange as well as your values. Not only your future will change but the onesyou would have had the opportunity to impact and influence will too. Justremember winners never quit and quitters never win. It’sso easy to quit or is it? The results will last for eternity!