It was many years ago now but thelesson I learned that day hopefully will never leave my mind. I was workingwith a trim carpenter running trim in some very costly homes. We were workingon a house as usual when we were asked to get all our tools and go to anotherhouse. It had been sold and they needed to get the trim work finished. We beganworking and worked hard to please everyone involved.  We worked long hours, as we got closer to beingthrough everyone was pulled off that job but me. I worked hard to geteverything finished. One more thing was to be done; it was after lunch as Ibegan this task which would take the rest of the day and then some. I raced toget it finished and as I was finishing up my boss came to check it all out. Hespent his time looking around and then he spoke up and told me this “I wouldlike for you to stop for a minute and look at what you have done.”  He then said “you have turned that piece ofwood upside down.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing he was not sayingthanks for working late and getting this job finished for me, I wasn’t hearing,it all looks good we are pleased with your workmanship. No, all I was hearingwas some negative talk. I learned that day that complaining comes quicker thancompliments. Too many times we don’t hesitate to point out what’ s wrong, butcompletely neglect to point out what’s right. Eager to find fault, but hesitantto praise, we express our grief and regrets, but overlook our blessings. On thatday I remembered how I felt and I made a decision. That decision was that I hadwithin myself the power to tear down or built up, destroy or improve,appreciate a job well done or act as if I never noticed. I want to be the onewho not only notices a job well done but give praise where it is due. Remember thatin the book of Matthew we read about three servants that were given talents ormoney. Only two of those servants heard the words “well done” one was calledwicked and a lazy servant. We may not have all been given money, but we allhave been given the ability to do something that will bring good results inothers as well as ourselves. What words had you rather hear?  
Matthew25:21  His lord said unto him, Welldone, thou good and faithful servant: thouhast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things:enter thou into the joy of thy lord. Or
 Matthew 25:26  His lord answered andsaid unto him, Thou wicked and slothful servant,  Howwill you be remembered?