Da Yong | October 28, 2010

Many of us are familiar with the “House Church” and the “3-Self Church” of China. But, what is the “Third Church” of China? In recent years there has been a huge increase in the number of university graduates in China. China labels university graduates “intellectuals”. The exploding population of intellectuals in China are very open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There are enormous evangelistic opportunities on college campuses all across China. After graduating most of the “intellectuals” stay in the urban centers of China (cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Chong Qing and Shen Zhen) seeking careers as professionals.  They are finding it extremely hard to integrate into the house churches because of their educational background, cultural background and training strategies. These “intellectuals” can not join the 3-Self churches either.  So, they find themselves coming together and forming a new type of church in the urban centers that is being called the “Third Church of China”.

Since the 1990?s “intellectuals” have shown an openness to Christianity and a passion for knowing Truth.  Because China has been a spiritual vacuum for over 60 years there is a real hunger for Truth, righteousness and to have faith in something. Small Bible studies can be found on every college campus in China, they often develop into home fellowships when the students graduate and move into their careers. In a major city where I lived, we worked with Christian fellowship groups for doctors and lawyers. These two Christian fellowships were
active in “Third Churches” apart from their work fellowships. They would meet to study the Bible, discuss work related issues concerning morality and corruption and so on.

This is solid proof that God is moving and working in a special and dynamic way in and with China. The urban “intellectuals” of the “Third Church of China” hold the future and that future is like sunlight burning at midnight!

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Da Yong

Editors Note: China is a major target for Baptist.org.  Already, we are securing editors to begin propagating  information as to what God is doing here. If you hold to the basic beliefs of scripture that Baptists hold as priority, we invite you to apply for editorship. Contact mt@baptist.org