Itwas on a Sunday when two were on their way home with their heads hung low.  As they walked they began to talk about allthe things that had happened; what had happened? Well the first thing was thatearly that morning Mary Magdalene and the other Mary and some other women hadmade a great discovery. They had gone to the tomb where Jesus had been buriedonly to find that the stone had been rolled away. I love what Luke 24 and verse3 tells us; And they entered in, and found not the bodyof the Lord Jesus.  Now that stonewasn’t rolled away to let Jesus out but to let others in. After entering in thetomb these ladies found there was no body and it puzzled them.  Then all of a sudden while in their puzzledstate of mind they see two men in shining garments. These men asked them whyseek ye the living among the dead? He’s not here but is risen; after being toldthat the Bible says that they remembered His word how He spoke to them when Hewas in Galilee saying the Son of man must be delivered into the hands of sinfulmen, and be crucified and the third day rise again. Then they left and toldwhat they had seen and heard to the eleven disciples. Peter jumps up and runsto the tomb to see for himself and found it all to be true. Now as the two weremaking their way back home they began to reason between themselves when all ofa sudden Jesus drew near and began to walk with them. Jesus asked, “What areyou talking about that is making you so sad?” The Bible tells us that althoughJesus had joined them on their way home Jesus had made it impossible for themto recognize who He was. They couldn’t believe that this man didn’t know whathad happened. I tell you what I can’t believe is why in the world were thesetwo on their way home. While all the talk of Jesus not being in the tomb wasspreading like wild fire? It’s funny what feeling depressed will do to you.Depressed you might ask how do you know that? It’s easy, listen to what thesetwo said.
Luke24:21  But we trusted that it had been he which should have redeemedIsrael: and beside all this, today is the third day since these things weredone. All they could talk about was the negative; we trusted that’s pasttense. They are sad and all they can talk about is what could have been. What’sit going to take to make these two glad? Will they everbe glad again? Are their hopes all gone? On tomorrow I’ll show you how Jesusturns their sadness into gladness. You think you know the answer; you may know,but more than likely not all. Don’t miss tomorrow!