Race, a setcourse or duration of time, the course of life, a contest of speed, progresstoward a goal. The race you and I are in involvesmany adversities within a duration of time. When a runner runs in arace there comes much hard work before the day of the race. The runner knowshe’s not the only one running toward the finish line and he also knows that ifhe is going to win he must cross the finish line first. In the race of lifethat’s not the case and the adversity is not to hurt but to help. It mattersnot what career we are in we learn day by day a better way to perform our work.Yes, it’s hard, yes it’s difficult, yes, it hurts but we must stay in the racefor the cost of dropping out is just too high. When one decides to drop outthey have just decided to change their goals. In the case of the runner winningit doesn’t matter anymore. When you and I get the idea that the race doesn’tmatter our goals change and then our values change and our future is changed.Those we could have helped we now hurt for we do make a difference in thelives of others. What if Joseph had quit when his brothers sold him intoslavery? What if he had given in to his boss’s wife? What if he had given up when he was put into prison for something hedidn’t do? All those were just adversities in the race that made him strongerfor the big job God had for him. Before you give up and quit ask yourself howmany will I hurt; how many will follow me and what will be the real cost?
Principles#7- Our sinful habits do hurt those who are following us.