Readit with me: Colossians2:6 As ye have therefore received ChristJesus the Lord, so walk ye in him: In just a few words, Paul said thatthe same way one gets saved; by grace through faith, is the very same way tolive a successful Christian life! You trusted Jesus, believed on Him andreceived Him as your Savoir now then “walk.” Make placing one foot infront of another a regular practice! This indicates that we must put realeffort into our walk. Have you ever heard the term “watch where you are going?”Put it all together! The same way you and I were saved is the same way we areto live for Jesus!

At the point of our salvation
1. The Holy Spirit convicted us!
2. Preaching instructed us!
3. Jesus saved us … by faith!
4. Then, a Church awaited us!
5. A Bible instructed us!
6. A Pastor guided us!
7. And faithfulness became a way of life for us!

And how do we live the Christian life? How do we “walk” in the Lord?
1. The Holy Spirit still convicts and teaches us!
2. Preaching still instructs us!
3. Jesus still sustains us … by faith!
4. A Church still encourages us!
5. A Bible still feeds and nourishes us!
6. A Pastor still guides us!
7. And faithfulness still must be a way of life to us! As ye have thereforereceived Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him:

Colossians2:7 Rooted and built up in him, andstablished in the faith, as ye have been taught, abounding therein withthanksgiving. Paul’s longing was to see new believers in Christ matureand develop, becoming more like our Lord! Notice that these folks have been”taught!” Being taught the Word of God apparently produces somethings in the lives of its students!
#1-“ ROOTED” In Him! The Believers,having heard the Word of God so faithfully taught … have grown roots deepdown into the nourishing soil of Scripture! The Water of the Word of God iscausing God’s people to spring roots!
#2-“BUILT UP” This action, being”built up” by the Holy Spirit, is an on-going thing! It will neverend until we reach Heaven!
#3-“ STABLISHED” Meaning to makefirm, like the foundation of a building!
Then comes another by-product of being taught the Word of God! Abounding therein with thanksgiving. To”abound” means overflowing, getting out of the banks as does a river!Flooded with what? “Thanksgiving!” “Gratitude!” Thankfulness forhaving been saved by God’s Grace! In fact, the more we learn from the Bible,God’s inspired and inerrant Word, the more we will have forwhich to thank God! Having been taught God’s Word … we become rooted! Thenbuilt up! Then established! And always, thankful! Ask yourself are youThankful for what God has given you? If so then thank Him for it!