“There’s notenough time to get it all done.” Do you ever feel defeated? May be you feelyou’re not hitting on all cylinders. Do you want the best of everything all thetime, but have come to realize that it’s just not possible? In the book ofDaniel, there’s a story in the first chapter that addresses theseconcerns.  We are told of four young menwho have had their entire lives turned upside down.  They have been taken from their home, theyare in exile in Babylon and they are having a new lifestyle forced onthem.  They’ve had their names changedand their whole lives upset by new standards and expectations.  In the middle of the first chapter, Danielhas to make a choice about eating the king’s food. Among all the pressure toyield to a long list of new expectations, Daniel chose to say “no more.”  In doing so, he chose faithfulness to God andwas blessed in the process. You and I face similar situations daily, not with foodfrom the king’s table, but with our time. We have to decide on a daily basicwho or what is going to get our time. We all have the same amount of time eachday as we are told in
Ecclesiasles 3:1  To every thingthere is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: Thechoices that we make today will either bring us in line with the life and willof God and draw us closer to His purpose or they will move us further from Him.Invest in the choices today that will fulfill God’s purpose in you. Have youtaken the time to pray today? Will you have the time to see what God has to saypersonally to you form His word today? What about that friend that needs a kindword? Do you think you’ll have a few minutes for him or her? Think! What willyou be spending your time on today? I hope you will be like Daniel as youdecide today. It may be time to say “no more!” These are hard decisions to maketo be sure, but you like Daniel, will find yourself blessed. It’s going to be agreat day because you are here.