The moments of our lives pass by so quickly, but thememories we create will last forever. What if you were asked what is the bestmoment of your life? Would they be the moments you’ve shared with loved onesand family? Moments together that shaped who you’ve become. That being said Iwant to share with each of you what a young missionary wrote about our Pastor:
 Today my Pastorturns 40 years old!   I have known my pastor long before he everbecame pastor of our church.
In fact, Pastor Lawrence has had many “names” over theyears.
Here are some, just to name a few.
When he began picking me up on the busses over 15years ago, he was “Bus Captain.”
When I was in 6th grade in his youth group he was “BroD.”
When I was in 7th grade in the middle of Mexico on myfirst ever missions trip he was “Amigo.”
When I was in 8th grade and he would come to ourmiddle school each week to preach the Bible, he was “The Preacher.”
All throughout high school as he would teach us, trainus, take us on trips he was “Youth Pastor.”
When I would call him late at night with any problem Iwould have he was “Counselor.”
When he took me hunting in the pouring rain and we sawnothing he was “Hunting Guide.”
When he drove 8 hours round trip to my grandfather’sfuneral, to my family he was “Compassionate.”
When he married my wife and I (who also grew up in ouryouth group) he was “The One Who Said I Could Kiss Her.”
When he encouraged me to take a trip with him to Peruto pray about getting involved in missions he was “Leader.”
When he would take me visiting with him, or teach mein a class setting, he was “Trainer.”
When I ventured out on deputation last year, and Iknew he was behind me the entire time, he was the “Sender.”
When I can call him on the road when I am not sure howto handle a problem, he is my “Phone-a-Friend
When he asked me to preach our entire missionsconference last year, when I was scared to death to do so, he was “The One WhoBelieves In Me.”
When he stood at my side as I was ordained last month,he was my “Hero.”
When I watch the way he treats his wife and children,he is my “Example.”
And when I see the way he loves the Lord Jesus, Hischurch, and His mission, he is “My Pastor.”
And now as I reflect on the last 15 years that I haveknown this man, this small list of events that make up my life do not evenbegin to scratch the surface to describe what Derik Lawrence has done for meand meant to me.  I am glad that I can now call him not only my Pastor,but I can call him my friend.
2 Corinthians 12 Paul says “And I will very gladlyspend and be spent for you; though the more abundantly I love you, the less Ibe loved.”  Every time I read this verse, my mind immediately thinks ofhow my pastor has given and poured his life into those around him.
Pastor, I have watched you grow as a leader, ahusband, a father, and a pastor over the last 15 years.  You have taughtme more by your actions and how you live out your Christian faith than anywords could ever be spoken.  I love you, and appreciate all you have donefor me and my family.  Happy Birthday!
When you look back on the seasons of your life, you won’tremember everything…you remember moments. We each impact those around us; letus leave moments in their life that will last.