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The Good Shepherd Children’s Home is in the hill country of the Zamorano Valley in San Francisco, Honduras. It is about one hour southeast of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, the capitol. They house nearly 150 kids . There are 14 Tias, who are house moms. They take care of managing everyday activities in the different casitas, or little houses. There are also three couples who stay at the GSCH. With this many children, there are many opportunities to serve the GSCH through various projects. If you are a single person, a couple or a family with children, Her Passion would love to have you join us in meeting the needs of this orphanage. Be in prayer to know how to respond to the information below and become involved with the Kingdom work going on in Honduras.  Below, find a special message from Mark’s wife Julie, to their friends and supporters.

There are a few major initiatives HPm has committed to fulfilling to help GSCH be more efficient in the mission to their children. Here are the major initiatives:

  1. Casita Renovations
  2. Playground Upgrade
  3. Hot Water on Demand Coils for Laundry Machines
  4. Cafeteria/Food Storage area
  5. Recreation/Game Room
  6. Sidewalks between Casitas

Our commitment has been to help with 1, 2, 3, and 6. There are also a few other minor initiatives HPm will be addressing in the journeys to GSCH. Here are a few of the minor initiatives:

  1. Counseling Center outdoor concrete surface
  2. Painting projects
  3. Sports Camps
  4. Education Initiatives
  5. Outdoor Benches for the Casitas.
  6. Transitional Program for kids graduating from GSCH

As you can see, there is much to be done! We need you! We are looking for three different levels of support for the GSCH in Honduras. We are looking for prayer support, financial resources and human resources.

If you are interested in prayer support, please join us in praying for the teams of people who will be connecting with HPm to help GSCH. Please join us in praying for the projects ahead of us that the right team would organize with us and that the financial resources would be met for the individuals expenses and the project expenses.

If you are interested in financially resourcing a traveler or a project, please contact Mark Champion at If you are interested in the costs of each of the projects or the trips coming up, please contact Mark as well and he will send you information about the different expenses necessary to help GSCH.

If you are interested in being a human resource and would like to travel with us to GSCH on one of our scheduled journeys, please look at the following dates and check your calendar!

June 11-18, 2011 – Registration/Paperwork Deadline and 50% Deposit due on April 29, 2011.

September 10-17, 2011 – Registration/Paperwork Deadline and 50% Deposit due on July 29, 2011.

Late January, 2012

Mark Champion is also coordinating these journeys and will be able to provide you with the paperwork needed to register. If you have any questions, please contact Mark at

Mark Champion   <><
Her Passion ministries
330 Franklin Road
Suite 135-A-409
Brentwood, TN 37027
Twitter: @marklchampion

Hi Everyone,

Several of you let us know that you were praying for us over the last few days.  That means so much – we felt your support.  Thank you.  We had an incredible time in Honduras!  Our trip getting there was interesting: hit some really bad weather on the way to Houston, delaying our landing about 40 minutes.  Mark and I had to SPRINT through the gigantic Houston airport to make it to our gate.  They were holding the plane for us, thank the Lord.  So we made it… barely.

Oh my goodness, those little ninos are so precious!!  I loved getting to hug on them and get to know them… even though I don’t speak any Spanish at all.  My biggest frustration was that I was so limited in my communication.  However, it was fun to try to piece together words with them and have them teach me some vocabulary.

Mark and I got to spend a lot of time with Kevin and Julie, who are Candice’s friends and the reason she is connected there.  They are an awesome couple.  We stayed in an empty casita, but ate all of our meals and spend most of our time at their house.  Kevin and Julie have 3 kids and 10 of the orphans live in their house with them.  Those kids are the ones we got to know the best.  They welcomed us well.  It was so neat for me and Mark to be in their environment.  While it was crazy and noisy the majority of the time, they showed us such a cool picture of family and community.  Everyone shared everything – very rarely heard “Hey, that’s MINE!!”.  Lots of love, wrestling matches, laughter, and playing.  Who wouldn’t love getting to ride a razor scooter through the house as a kid??

The Good Shepherd Children’s Home is located in the Zamorano Valley in Honduras, near a little town named San Francisco (easy for me to remember!).  It was about an hour southeast of the capital.  It is beautiful there!  The orphanage is on about 70 acres and we got to tour pretty much the entire place, including the school that is on the grounds.  It was SO helpful for Kevin to walk us through everything.  We really got to know the campus and how things function there.  And the best thing – even though the amenities are simple and humble, the name of Jesus is being lifted high in that place.  The sweet tias and the 3 American missionary couples who run things really show the love of Christ to those kids who have heartbreaking stories of abuse and neglect.  The kids are told about Jesus, taught to pray (and man, can they pray!) and taught to serve others.  We got to meet with 5 of the 7 missionaries there and got a great handle on what they need and how we can help.  I am so looking forward to going back and following up on our offers to help them.

Mark got to play soccer a few times with a bunch of the boys, which was SO fun for me to watch!  Of course, language barriers sort of disappear when a ball is the focus, so he really got to connect with some of those guys.  They loved him.  And I got to know some of the sweet girls too.  Couldn’t do all my normal question-asking, but we still had fun :-)

My school gets a mid-Winter break this week, so we are going to Ft. Lauderdale Thursday through Monday!  Which means, I’ll be out of pocket for a few more days, but will be excited to get together with as many of you as possible to catch up when we get back.

Mark and I are taking a team back to Honduras the week of June 11-18, 2011.  If you’re interested at all in coming with us, please pray about the opportunity.  I can give you more details if you let me know you’re interested.

I’m including a handful of my favorite pictures.  Mark put a few more up on Facebook, so feel free to check those out.

Thank you again so much for your support and encouragement to us.  We love you!

Julie and Mark