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In the first article we examined five Chinese characters, their makeup and their meaning. We concluded that it is not coincidence that these five Chinese characters match-up with the historical accounts that we read about in Genesis. It is fascinating and exciting to see that even in a communist country God is visible not only through creation, but, also in the written language of the Chinese. Let us examine more of these Chinese characters and how they show and declare the historical accounts of the Bible.

The Chinese character for boat is made up of three characters. The first character represents vessel, the second the number eight and the third person. When these three are combined they form a new character and it represents the character for boat. Do you remember when you were a kid going to Sunday school and hearing about the flood. Noah worked so hard building that Ark and telling everyone that judgment was coming for the evil and wickedness of man. For over 100 years Noah was faithful. In the end only his wife, three sons, the son’s wives and Noah (eight) found “salvation” inside the Ark (Genesis 6 – 9).

The Tower of Babel is another great historical event recorded in the Bible that we all learn about in Sunday school. Remember the images of this great tower being erected into the sky, higher and higher it went. Until, God scattered the inhabitants of the earth by confusing their languages. Therefore, the work on the tower stopped and the construction of the city came to a halt. Have a look at these three Chinese characters.

United together the inhabitants of earth decided to undertake a massive construction project to make a name for themselves. According to a Chinese scholar the Character for weeds here carries the idea of something rotten.

The earth’s inhabitants, united and arrogant endeavored to make a name for themselves. They decide that by constructing a city and a tower that will reach to the heavens they will be exalted and lifted up. It was a rotten idea!

Maybe you are having a hard time seeing the Tower of Babel in this one so have a look at this combination of “to undertake” and clay.

A little easier to see? Hang on I got one more for you.

Tongues were confused and the people separated. They were told to fill the earth (Genesis 9) but they disobeyed God.

Look at the consistency of the meanings and combinations.

Well, even if you think this is stretching it I will leave you with one final Chinese character that will convince you for sure!

Lamb       +               me              =   Righteousness

The Chinese character for righteous is made from two characters. The black character is the character for lamb. The character on the far right is the character for me. When they come together they form the character for righteousness.  Notice their position?  The Lamb over me is righteousness!  This character takes me from Genesis all the way to Revelation.  The LORD is Our Righteousness (Jer. 33:16), we are in need of His righteousness (Rom. 3:23), Christ is the basis of our perfect acceptance with God (2 Cor.5:21),  this righteousness in Christ  is ours when God acquits the believer, based upon the finished all-sufficient death of Christ (Rom.4: 22-25).

Ye sinners, seek his face,
Whose wrath ye cannot bear;
Fly to the shelter of his cross,
And find salvation there.
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