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God is present even in countries that officially deny His existence. Through nature God reveals Himself to us all, Romans 1, Ps. 19. He often reveals Himself in other ways as well. The written language of China is one of the oldest continually used systems the world has. Characters dating back not just hundreds but thousands of years. Characters that clearly show us that in ancient China people knew God.

I want to share with you a few Chinese characters that will really get your attention. If you have Chinese friends who are not Believers you can use these as a tool to share God and who He is.

Well, here they are; The word for create in Chinese is .  When we break the character down into two parts we discover that the first part means to talk and the second to walk. When God created man He did not create man as an infant but as a completely grown man capable of walking and talking.

Another character that reveals the creation of man in the written Chinese language is the Chinese character for first. This character is made up of three parts, the first stroke to the character means alive, it is added to another character that means dust. This combination is than placed over the character for man and together it becomes the character for the Chinese word first. Sound familiar? If not read Genesis 2:7

Well, you might be thinking maybe this is just coincidence. Keep reading it only gets more convincing!  When God created man and gave man a companion they were placed in the garden and were to enjoy all the blessings of Eden. They were told not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, they were forbidden to eat the fruit this tree produced. The Chinese character for forbidden is made up of two characters. Those characters are the character for God and for tree

You might be thinking well we know that most ancient cultures like the Chinese and Egyptians have creation stories. Don’t come to a conclusion just yet. In the garden the devil presented himself secretly to Eve and deceived her. The Chinese character for devil is made up of four characters.

Eve desired or coveted that which she could not have. Is it just by chance that the Chinese character for covet/desire is made up of two trees and a woman?

The truths found in these characters are not coincidental. We have used these characters in China to point Chinese people towards God and to help them understand that He does exist and that He wants to have a right relationship with them. There are many more characters that have biblical meanings, stay tuned for part 2 of God in the Chinese written language! Widgets

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