I want to closeout the week with a story of a young man whose life was changed. This young manwas brought in a good home with parents that loved him, the only trouble he wasever in was just the kind all children experience lying, talking back to his momand dad, taking things from there sibling and things such as that. Then camethe high school years and as he entered school he came dress like he did ingrammar school; Lee blue jeans that were to long so he could grow into themwhich meant having about a three inch rolled up cuff. After a few days othersmade fun of him, one boy by the name of Bill even starting bulling him. Hewould push him around and the young boy did nothing. Then the pushing becameharder even to the point of being pushed so hard that this young boy hit theground hard. Then the hitting started and it got to the point where Bill wouldball up his fist and hit this young boy in the face and still this young boydid nothing and no one ever said a word to Bill. Then the summer break came andthere was no Bill’s to push this young boy around. But as summer came to an endand the school days were quickly approaching this young boy made a majordecision; he told himself that this year was not going to be like the last onehe was not going to be pushed around. He changed the way he dressed and made uphis mind that if Bill started in on him again that he had at least a 50% changeof whipping him but if he did nothing Bill wasn’t going away. Oh yea Bill camebut Bill got something he wasn’t expecting, no more fun and games at the expenses of another for when Bill balled uphis fist and started to hit this young man as he had in the past Bill gotsomething he hadn’t planned on a fist coming back. This soon ended the problemswith Bill. All was well until the last two years of high school that is whenthe drinking started. Then after high school the military and the drinkingbecame more involved. Then at age 19 he was married at age 20 he receivesorders and had to leave his bride of only 6 months. Not long after leaving hiswife told him that she was pregnant, this was great news the only sad thing washe would miss everything except the birth. While away the drinking continuedthen one night one of his friends introduced him to drugs; this was much betterthan alcohol and became an instant love.  The drinking continued but now drugs wereadded also. His tour of duty was over and back home to get his family and amove out west where he would finish up his military duty. Drinking continuedbut drug use took some time off. Discharged and on his way home with one stopon the way; to see some old friends that night he leaves his wife and baby in amotel room to go a spend some time with his friends. That night drugs are usedand the night is soon over; on his  wayback to the motel this young man get confused not remembering how to get backto the motel. He is pulled over by the police and somehow talked his way out ofthe trouble he had gotten himself into and finds his way back to the motelwithout an accident. Fast forward drinking continued and so did the drugs hismarriage was coming to an end he lies by saying he would change and saves hismarriage but there was no real change only more lies. Then the day came whensomeone told this young man about Jesus and what Jesus had already done for himand within a few days this young man asked Jesus to come into his heart andforgive him of his sins and Jesus did just that. That is what Jesus does, forHe is in the life giving business. Drinking stopped, drugs soon stopped, familyrebuilt, love for his wife greatly increased, more children and a happy homeall because? Jesus! I just love good ending except the end hasn’t yet come forthis man for he is still working for His Lord and Savior. He may have a touch ofAlzheimer’s  and he said it may come tothe point where he may not know where he’s been but there are two things heknows he want forget. I asked him what are they? He said #1-where I’m going andthat’s heaven and #2- Jesus the one who gave me eternal life. 
Luke 7:44  And he turned to thewoman, and said unto Simon, Seest thou this woman? I entered into thine house,thou gavest me no water for my feet: but she hath washed my feet with tears,and wiped them with the hairs of her head.
Luke 7:47  Wherefore I say untothee, Her sins, which are many, are forgiven; for she loved much: but to whomlittle is forgiven, the same loveth little.
Our sins are allbig and they will send us to a place called hell but as in these verses thiswoman realized that her sins were forgiven for eternity. She was very gratefuland showed it while others there had yet to understand what real forgivenesswas. I wonder what the scale of forgiveness is in your life; MUCH or little~!   The manthat I wrote about is very grateful for what the Lord has done and given him. Iwrote this story down the way it was told to me by the one who lived it. Have agreat weekend and why not let the Lord do something for you, for He is willingand wanting to give away some of his treasures.