All this week we have been looking at what most people call the Lord’s Prayer. As we looked at this prayer we discovered that it was a teaching for not only the disciples but also for each of us. In this outline we learned first about that word “hallow” which meant to make holy, that is, (ceremonially) purify or consecrate; (mentally) to venerate: – hallow, be holy, sanctify. The very first thing Jesus teaches His disciples is to realize who God is. He’s not the man upstairs, the big man or the man in charge and we are not to approach Him in that manner. We are to come before His presence by calling Him our Father and then we are to show reverence to His name.  Now I repeated that because I wanted to share with each of you how the Lord dealt with me about what I wrote. The Lord said good lesson, but let me ask you, do you reverence me, and do you know who you’re talking with? Wow, I had to stop and examine my prayer life and to tell you the truth it needed some improvements. Too many times I didn’t realize who I was talking to and I was getting to the, give me part of my prayer way before I should. On yesterday morning as I went in front of the Lord in prayer, I asked for forgiveness for my not giving the Lord His due respect. Then I said Lord, today I don’t want to ask you for anything. I just want to spend time praising you for who you are and thanking you for what you have done in my life and then I spent time reminiscing of all the Lord has done. It was a time to remember; it’s not about me nor what I have done in the Lord’s work, for its all about HIM! As we go into this weekend let us not forget who the Lord is? He’s the one who gives us the air we breathe every day, something we can easily take for granted if not careful. The food we have before us, do we take time and thank Him for it? Take time and think about what God has done in your life and then just praise Him and thank Him for it. Have a blessed weekend and don’t forget to pray for your Pastor and the services that you’ll be in this Sunday.