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My wife of 45 years, Pat, and I had the wonderful experience of visiting The Crown College in Powell, Tennessee. This school is sponsored by the Temple Baptist Church and was founded by their pastor, Clarence Sexton.

We were overwhelmed as to the dignity and loyalty of the staff and students to God and Country. Their graciousness and attention to visitors was incomparable. Here is a Christian ministry that emanates the person of Jesus Christ in life and mission.

I say it this way in that the manner in which the design and features of the buildings all point to Jesus Christ and those of our forefathers, ministers as well as politicians who have honored God in the making of this country. The tour through the facilities was a tribute to Christian and American history.

The students of which we met were all gracious and exciting! Each had a mission goal for Jesus Christ. We met young and old who are committing their lives in ministry.

Dr Pauley, one of the Vice Presidents, met with us (without us making an appointment) and gave us a warm welcome and overall perspective as to the history and vision of the school.

While the Pastor and President Clarence Sexton were out of town on a mission trip, their godly influence and excellence is seen and felt through the staff and students. Even a long time member of the church took time to give a testimony of the power of God in raising up this ministry.

This is a great place to send your prized children and church members to prepare for life and service to our Lord Jesus Christ. I had only heard of this ministry. If only we knew of this earlier! Now, we know!

Dr. H.L. Champion
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