There seems to be an attraction with China these days.  The news often reports on it’s economic boom, it’s sprawling cities and on occasion it’s environmental problems.  In high schools across the USA the Chinese language is now offered along side the traditional Spanish and French classes.  What is the hype all about?  Well, my response would be come and find out for yourself!

As Believers we can not only go to China as tourists and experience an ancient culture and culinary delights, but, also as a fellow brother or sister in Christ and share the joy of ministering and being ministered to with our fellow Chinese Believers.  Here is what you have to do to plan a trip to and prepare yourself for a visit to China.

First and foremost you need to have a passport.  Believe it or not only 37% of Americans have a passport, that means 2 out of 3 people cannot even fly to Canada.  So, go down to your nearest post office and apply to get one now.  It is an additional piece of identification and it is just good to have.  There is nothing like holding a passport in your hand and getting it stamped by a customs officer!  Unlike the UK, Germany, Korea and many other places that do not require Americans to apply for a visa to enter the country China does.  You cannot enter China without a visa in your passport.  How does one get a visa to enter China?  Well, you can contact any travel agent and they will help you secure a visa, for a fee of course, but, allowing an experienced company to do it for you is much easier than doing it yourself.

If you are just interested in a tour, simply contact a travel company and ask about their tour packages to China.  If you are adventurous, plan it all on your own by booking flights (international and domestic) and hotels on-line.  Pick a few cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Ching Qing to travel to and search out the best spots to visit while in that city.  Either way you will have an experience of a lifetime.

As a Believer I suggest you plan a ministry/tour trip to China with a mission agency.  Just about every missions agency has ministry/tour trips to China.  These trips often take place in the summer months when school is out and involves teaching conversational English as a means to reach out with His love and grace.  In China English is a HUGE deal.  Every child is required by law to begin learning English in kindergarten, at least two hours of English per week.  There are English educational companies in every city teaching English to children after school and on the weekends.  The best part about this love affair with English is it allows you to hit the ground ministering!  No two year Chinese language school, you can get off the plane and share your testimony with just about any young person you encounter.  Kind of reminders me of Greek in New Testament times!

Here is what our mission agency does – Every summer we conduct Summer English Camps all over China.  What is Summer English Camp?  Chinese students sign up to take part in a two week camp, where they learn conversational English and cultural things about the USA.  Three English classes in the morning, we break for lunch, activities in the afternoon (sports, crafts, singing and such) and early evening activities like playing board games, free talk and movie time.

What is required of you?  That you speak English!  Yes!  it is that easy.  About 150 people come every summer.  We break them up into teams of 30 members (depending on your location in the US), we train and prepare you to teach, minister and live in China.  We also do all the preparation as far as getting your visas, plane tickets, hotel reservations and touring.  All you have to do is raise your funds and get trained and show up on time for your flights.  The camps are two weeks long and after two weeks we take everyone to a famous city for about three days of touring some of the greatest and oldest places in the world!

So, if we are teaching English, how do we minister?  In the classroom we teach things like Christmas and the true meaning of it, Life in the USA (this is my house, my school, my CHURCH), Thanksgiving and why the pilgrims came to the USA, I think you can see where this leads them to questions.  After classes when you are hanging out with the teens they will ask why do you go to church, what does it mean to be a Christian and at this point you are free to share as much as they want to hear, in ENGLISH!  And they understand it and some accept it and believe!  We work with local brothers and sisters to plug them into fellowship.

I guarantee that if you come with us to China you will never be the same.  It is life-changing trip that will leave you more like Him, with life-long friends, with a better understanding of the world and it’s need for Him and who knows, He may call you into full-time service with me and I am always looking for those that will answer the high-calling of going and making disciples for His glory! Widgets

Da Yong
American serving the Lord in China
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