Have you ever wanted somebody to do something for youand really didn’t how or what to ask for? That is exactly what we readhappening in Matthew chapter 20. It is here we read about two blind men. Theyare sitting on the side of the road when they hear a sound of people comingtoward them. They hear the name Jesus; they may have heard of this man Jesusbefore. Maybe they had heard about Jesus walking on the Sea of Galilee or Jesusfeeding the four thousand or maybe the healing of a devil possessed boy.Whatever it was they began to shout out to Jesus but something happened thatthey were not expecting. This multitude that was now following Jesus began totell them to be quiet. Be quiet, they must have thought not on your life sothey began to shout louder. That is when we read this inverse 32And Jesusstood still.”  These two men have now gotten the attentionof Jesus so much so that He comes to a complete stop. Jesus then asked themthis question” What will ye that I shall do untoyou? ” What happens next is veryimportant for these two men are much like you and I; they didn’t really knowhow to ask Jesus. Read what they said.
Matthew20:33They say unto him, Lord, that oureyes may be opened.  Jesus knew what they wanted as well as whatthey needed so Jesus gives them what they needed not what they asked for.
Matthew20:34So Jesus had compassion on them, and touchedtheir eyes: and immediately their eyes received sight, and they followed him.The multitude had their eyes open but they were blind to the real need of twoblind men even to the point that they were doing their best to keep theirmouths shut. I pray that our eyes are not just opened but that we can see tothe needs of others to the point that we will do what we can. I have said onmany occasions to others “if there is anything I can do please let me know.” Ireally mean what I said at the time but there was no phone call or message sentto me for me to help. God showed me something very valuable about this that Iwant to share with each of you. Back at the end of 2010 my wife fell down thestairs here at our home. It was a bad fall she broke her leg in 2 places andhad to have rods and plates and screws and could not put any weight on her legfor three months. There were many that helped in that time of need but therewere two women that God used to really teach me something. This lady called andasked how my wife was doing and we chit-chatted for a few moments. She then saidthis “I am taking the day off this Friday and my sister and I are coming tocook and clean and spend some time with your wife. Now neither one of theseladies really knew my wife; I’m not sure if they had ever seen her.  This lady didn’t give me time to say anything,she didn’t ask if I wanted her help she just said we’re coming; and they did;more than once. God taught me something priceless, many times we will not askbecause of pride or we just don’t want to put others out. We tell Tom or Sue ifyou need anything just let me know. Do we really mean it? Sure we do and ifthey were to call we would fulfill our promise. But we ride by their home andwe see that the grass needs cutting and we do nothing, our eyes are open but weare blind to the needs around us. This was the problem within the multitudethat day; they just didn’t see the need. When the two blind men asked to havetheir eyes opened Jesus saw the real need and not only opened their eyes butalso gave them sight. This is what we may need this week, sight in the blindareas of our day to day actives that we might be a blessing and a help to thosearound us. Ask the Lord to help you see the needs of others and then go and do what He shows you.