What Do Baptists Believe?

Baptist churches generally teach the following:

  1. The Bible is the inerrant Word of God, sufficient for faith and practice.
  2. God is a Trinity in essence – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  3. Jesus Christ is God manifested in the Flesh being Virgin Born and Sinless.
  4. His Death on the Cross was necessary as a substitutiary atonement for the transgressions of all mankind. His Resurrection and Ascension in Heaven assures all mankind of His ability to give salvation to whosoever will.
  5. One receives Salvation by God’s Grace is delivered personally by the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ and the Father to all who repent and believe the Gospel.
  6. Each believer has Jesus Christ as a personal Savior & High Priest to the Father, while being indwelt by the Holy Spirit.
  7. Each local Church is independent of any Denominational Control and is directly under Jesus Christ – The Chief Shepherd.
  8. The Two Ordinances; Water Baptism (observed immediately after Salvation) and the Lord’s Supper (observed repeatedly after Salvation) are for Christians only. Heaven and Hell are literal locations in God’s Creation; Heaven is abode of our Creator and for all the Saved of the Ages, while Hell and then the Lake of Fire are reserved for all the Unsaved of all the Ages.
  9. The Great Commission of each local church is to Evangelize everyone possible here and on each foreign field.
  10. Jesus Christ is personally and visibly Returning to Earth to culminate the works of darkness and deliver each believer into his and her eternal rewards.

These are general beliefs that are worded differently by each local church or association of churches. Some of the above points vary in perception or depth as far as doctrinal emphasis. Each Baptist church is to “Search the Scriptures” and Proclaim the Word of the Lord.

Dr. H.L. Champion
President – Baptist.org

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