As Baptists in America and around the world watch all of the happenings in Japan, a number of Baptist Organizations have instituted plans to go there and help in rescue and rebuilding efforts.  If you have watched any of the footage on the news channels, the video footage is horrifying.   So many peoples lives have been changed in a matter of a few minutes, and there was nothing anyone could do.

The Tsunami wave that hit the North East coast of Japan, went as far inland as 6 miles, and many people living in the area, were simply unprepared for this kind of result.  Japan is not alone in experiencing  a damaging wave.  Damage was reported as far away as Hawaii and the West Coast of California.  Currently, officials are concerned about problems associated with three Nuclear reactors that were affected by the tsunami.  Prayers are requested for the whole nation, and especially the Baptist Missionaries and Preachers in the area.

Here is a sobering expose of the ravages of the tsunami!


Listed is a review of what Baptists are doing in the area:

Baptist World Alliance and their compassionate arm, Baptist World Aid Rescue24 is sending out their team comprising of persons from Hungary, Singapore and the United States heading to the disaster zone to join with local Baptists in their relief and rescue efforts. The team will assess needs and requirements with a view to deploying other team members to the country and providing needed supplies.  Read more here.

American Baptist Churches-USA has responded with a $20,000 grant to the Japanese Baptist Union (JBU).

Baptists on Mission has the NC Baptist Men Search and Rescue on the ground in Japan at the hardest hit area Sendai City.  To see more about their efforts and find out how you can help, see their site.

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship has partnered with The Japan Baptist Convention by sending $5,000 to meet immediate relief needs and has created a designated giving channel.  For more info, you can view their site.

The Japan Baptist Union reports through the American Baptist News Service, that their leadership has been unable to reach six of their pastors.  If you know of or have heard from any of these pastors, (Hachinohe, Kuji, Tagajo, Shichigahama, Matsushima and Kashimadai churches), please contact JBU at Other pastors in affected areas, have  been evacuated, but did report damage to their church facilities.

A spokesperson with the Southern Baptist International Mission Board in Asia confirmed that all personnel in Japan are accounted for and suffered no injuries. For a more in depth report and what is happening with International Mission Board and their plans, read here.

Baptist Global Response, an international relief and development organization, told Baptist Press it has allocated $100,000 for an initial response and is in touch with partners in the region to assess immediate relief needs.  BGR will be working with Tokyo Baptist Church as it’s main point of contact, and accesing the needs of the communities most affected.

Southern Baptist missionaries and their neighbors in Japan are shoveling tons of sand and sludge. Almost every street near the home of missionaries Mark and Sharon Bennett was buckled, cracked and covered with gray sand.

In an article written by Susie Rain, she reports about the Bennetts, who have served in Japan for two decades.  They were homeschooling some of their children when the earthquake hit. They took shelter under a table and watched as items fell off shelves and walls.  “I prayed out loud,” Bennett said. “In my heart I was preparing for the worst. I honestly thought the house was going to come down on top of us. After 20 years in Japan, this was the worst and longest earthquake I have ever felt. I was preparing myself to meet the Lord.”  The Bennetts went outside after the initial quake, joining others in their neighborhood as the aftershocks started. Their block literally moved in one direction while the park across the street moved in the opposite.  “I felt like I was standing on a small boat,” Bennett said.

Two of their boys were in classes at the local elementary school when the quake hit. The road was so buckled that no cars or public transport could get through, so Bennett walked through the rubble to the school as aftershocks continued to shake the area.  When he arrived at the school, he found his two younger children standing outside with classmates, waiting for parents. The trio walked through gray sludge and debris to get back to their house.  During the walk home, “we watched as wave after wave of aftershock did more damage to the roads and our park,” Bennett said. “Four concrete power poles fell onto a house a block from us — but we arrived safely home.”

Please continue to pray for all of the people of Japan, in this hour of great need!