The other day as I was stopped at a red light I glanced over at the car beside me and noticed a lady tapping away on her cell phone. Then I noticed a man with his cell phone up to his ear talking to someone. As I went through the day I began to notice how many were using their cell phone either talking, texting, playing games, reading emails, messages or just viewing there phone. Then I noticed 4 people in one car and everyone was talking on their cell phone to someone else. Then I got to thinking most people have a cell phone, they have it with them at all times, if they forget it most will go back just to get it. Cell phones consume a lot of our time and I hear few if any complaints. What if we were to spend half that time with the Lord as we do with our cell phone? What if we left our Bible at home and turned around to go get it because we knew we would be using it all through the day? What if there were four people in one car and they were all praying for someone else? What if we were always looking at our Bible? What if we listened to messages being preached by Godly Pastors every day? I think if we were to spend that kind of time with the Lord I know our lives would be happier, fuller and I am sure we would be more excited. Our homes would be blessed, we would be a more loving person to be around, we would care more about each other and we would love and spend more time with our families. Just a thought!